Primitivo Salento, Boheme

13% ABV, Italy - Puglia (ve)

Fruity Primitivo, spilling over with plums and black cherries, with a fine aroma of cracked black pepper.

Merlot, Los Tortolitos

13% ABV, Chile - Central Valley (ve)

Easy-drinking Merlot; sweet, ripe and packed with flavours of raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant.

Monte Llano Rioja

14% ABV, Spain - Rioja (ve)

Red violet colour, with purple hues. On the nose the wine leaves subtle aromas of ripe fruits (blackcurrants, raspberries). On the palate it is fresh, structured and very fruity.

Pinot Noir, Trapiche

13.5% ABV, Argentina - Mendoza (ve)

A festival of red fruit, including raspberries, cranberries and strawberries, from this Argentinian Pinot Noir, floating on a fragrant cloud of smoke.

Amaru Malbec

14% ABV, Argentina - Salta (ve)

Juicy Argentinian Malbec, packed with baked plums, raisins and chocolate, ending on a faint fragrance of vanilla.

La Copa De Macabeo

12% ABV, Spain (ve)

Crisp, refreshing Spanish white, juicy with green apples and white fruit and perfumed with herbs and an enlivening waft of grass.

Sauvignon Blanc, Primera Luz

12.5% ABV, Chile - Central Valley (ve)

Piquant Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, pears refreshed by lime juice and grapefruit with a lasting tang of passion fruit and a scent of herbs.

Pinot Grigio / Pinot Bianco, Delibori

12% ABV, Italy - Veneto (ve)

A fine combination of green fruit from the Pinot Bianco and steel and elegant acidity, with a touch of peach, from the Pinot Grigio.

Blau Cel Organic, Petxina

12% ABV, Spain - Catalunya (ve)

Aromatic white from Catalonia, softly floral with lemon and lime flavours offering snappy acidity and juicy refreshment.

​​The Stump Jump Chardonnay, d'Arenberg

13.5% ABV, South Australian (ve)

South Australian Chardonnay, powerful yet refreshing, full of stone fruit, green apple and flowers, with a slight brininess on the tongue and notes of spice and hazelnut floating into the nostrils.

La Copa De Bobal Rosé

12% ABV, Spain (ve)

Beautiful, raspberry-pink rosé from the Bobal grape, exuding wild strawberry, black cherry and a drop or two of rosewater, the luscious fruit balanced by lemon acidity.

Pinot Grigio Blush, Il Sospiro

12% ABV, Italy - Sicily (ve)

The definition of easy-drinking, this Sicilian Pinot Grigio blush exhales cranberry, citrus and red berries… which may be why its name translates as 'the sigh.’

NV Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Mini, Costaross (200ml)

11% ABV, Italy - Veneto (ve)

A young and exciting sparkling wine, full of lively and crisp flavours. It has a delicate lemony character, accompanied by floral aromas of acacia flower and wisteria, alongside fruitier hints of fresh golden apples. Fragrant, fresh and entirely harmonious on the palate, with an aromatic and dry finish.

NV Prosecco Quadri Extra Dry, Botter

11% ABV, Italy - Veneto (ve)

Crisp, refreshing extra-dry Prosecco, lightly perfumed with peach and green apple, balanced by a delicate bouquet of lilac.